Monir S -

I wanted to thank you for all your hard work, support, guidance, and efforts in making Mona and Amir's wedding a great success. Everything was so beautiful and we received the greatest compliments. I am receiving phone calls everyday and guests telling me how perfect and organized everything was. This wouldn't have been possible without you. Thank you for making a memorable night for our family and guests, we will cherish every moment of it. My husband and I greatly appreciate you and can't thank you enough.

It was such a pleasure to work with you, and I look forward to having another celebration to work with you again!

I wish you continued success and happiness and hope to see you soon.

With love,

Desiree Y - Irvine

I met Shideh 3 years ago when she did my brother's wedding. Although at the time I did not work with her much, I knew my sister in law had an amazing time planning her wedding, and my brother's wedding was truly magnificent. When it came down to planning my own wedding, I KNEW I had to have her.

Let me start by telling you that I a very difficult person to please. Shideh is the most organized, fun, and amazing person I have EVER worked with. She understood my vision and personality from the very beginning. She came to every wedding meeting with all of my vendors, and she made every wedding planning meeting fun and unforgettable. This is very important because the wedding is only 1 day, but the planning portion takes up a lot of time, so it's important to enjoy the entire process. She worked tirelessly throughout the process to negotiate with all of the vendors for better deals, she helped find rental companies for items that we needed to rent. She was very responsive to all of my texts messages, no matter what time I would text her at. I had a hard time deciding on certain things, for example flower colors, and at the end I trusted her so much that I told her to take care of the design and color. She gave me ideas that were so unique and really took my wedding to the next level. She went above and beyond to create the most magical day for my husband and I.

One thing that I really remember is that I was never stressed throughout the entire wedding planning process. I knew that Shideh had everything under control. She is constantly in contact with the vendors and making sure they deliver what is promised and what you paid for. When I went to take engagement photos, she remembered and she sent me text messages the day of. Although I was impressed by her throughout the entire process, I was mostly impressed by her on the weekend of my wedding. Shideh and her team worked tirelessly for 2 days straight (literally for 2 days straight, meaning zero sleep) to set up for my wedding. The day of my wedding she had everything under control. I never had to worry or stress about anything. She delivered EVERYTHING and more. My wedding was a dream come true. It looked better than I imagined, and her team was on top of everything. I had told her that I needed extra time to have sunset photos, photos in both of my dresses before my ceremony, and photos with the ballroom without anyone in it, and she made sure all of that happened. She is truly one of a kind, and she understands this business better than anybody. There is nobody in this world that could have pulled off my wedding the way Shideh and her team did. To be able to enjoy your wedding, and see that everything you had dreamed of has been delivered, and that your vision has come to life was the best feeling to have, and was the most magical way to start my marriage. Thank you Shideh Joon from the bottom of my heart for all of your hard work and for the lasting memories you have created not just for me, but for my husband too.

Ramin & Yasmin - Calabasas

Words cannot express the amazing atmosphere that Shideh created at our holiday party. We truly could not have done it without her. All of our guests had an incredible time and cannot stop talking about how much fun they had. Everything from the spectacular decorations to the gourmet food, to the wonderful crew and fabulous entertainment, Shideh gave us and our guests a night to remember forever. Every detail was taken care of with Shideh's tasteful vision and everything was so organized. We can't wait for our future events with you.

Thank you Shideh joon for creating an amazing party!

Lili &Simon K - Encino

Dearest Shideh Jan

We can not thank you enough for making Kia &Nima's barmitzvah night so special!
You are truly an amazing , talented person with an unbelievable vision for perfection and beauty and elegance and it was an absolute pleasure for Simon and I to be able to work with you.
The night was magical because of the love and attention you and your amazing , kind crew put into every single details.
It's an honor for my family and I to know you, having a coordinator as professional as you was a blessing that made our celebration even more special.
Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to boys' wishes and be there for them when they needed you.
We do cherish all the memories from the time we were planning the party together and appreciate the closeness and friendship that was built by that.

Thank you for everything Shideh jan

Much Love
Lili & Simon Khazani

Leyla & Amir - Seattle

Shideh jun, We cannot thank you more for what a great great job you did for our wedding. Everything was perfect. It was the fairytale wedding that I always had dreamed of. You have an amazing crew. I loved working with Hermin. She was there anytime I needed anything.

Given that both Amir and I were living in Seattle, it was impossible for us to have such a wedding without your great help. I'm really glad that I listened to all your advices. The more we got close to the wedding, the more I realized how much we needed you, and the day of the wedding, everything went so smoothly, so organized, and so beautiful.

Again thank you so much for your great work!!! We both love you and have already missed you!

Sarvnaz & Ali S - LA

This time exactly last year we were in the heat of all our exciting wedding planning...and the beautiful memories of planning each and every step of our wedding feels like it was just yesterday!

Thank you Shideh Joon for all your incredible hard work, love, kindness and support you showed us along the way. Your creativity and vision for us surpassed our dreams. We knew we were going to have a magnificent dream wedding, but thanks to your expertise and guidance we were able to put it all into motion!! And the day of …. My gosh…everything moved seamlessly! Everything was top notch, spectacular and out of this world – and not once during our wedding night did we have to worry about anything! All we did was dance, dance, dance and just feel the love that was saturated in that ballroom.

Thank you! We love you and will always have a special place in our hearts for you.

Sherry & Pedram - Hollywood

Being that my husband and I both work full time, we definitely needed a coordinator for our wedding. We asked around and two of our friends highly recommended Shideh.

Good thing we chose Shideh as our coordinator. Everyone asked me throughout the planning how I could be so calm. My answer was that I have full confidence in my planner.

We could not have been happier with the end result. Everything was so organized. It was a beautiful wedding. Not only that, we enjoyed the night and had the funnest time. We had nothing to worry about.
The main thing that sets Shideh apart from other planners is her experience. She's been doing this for years so she knows what works and what doesn't. In addition, she knows what vendors to use. Top of the line vendors with great customer service and work ethic.
I would definitely recommend her to all my friends.

Mona & Amir Y - New Port Beach

Shideh joon,

I cannot thank you enough. My day was magical. I couldn't have wished for anything to be better. It all surpassed all my wishes and dreams. Truly fairy tale day. Wouldn't have been possible without you. You made the process easier and that day flawless.

I am so happy I had you by my side on this journey. Your team was excellent also. Hermin was great. I'm going to miss you. The ceremony site looked amazing and the ballroom was out of this world. Family and friends said this was the BEST wedding they had ever been to and I don't think they were just saying that, they meant it.

Jessica & Daniel J - Beverly Hills

Shideh Jan, how do I say thank you? The night was incredible, unreal, magical, beautiful, sexy, it was everything we dreamed and more wow wow wow, people won't stop talking about the Design, the color scheme, the flowers, tables, dance floor, fruit station, EVERYTHING, from all of us, THANK YOU!!! thank you for putting together an Incredible wedding, your hard work is greatly greatly appreciated , your amazing, and we love you , THANK YOU!!!!!!

Ilghar & Majid y - Pasadena

Shideh Joon,

Thank you so much for making our wedding even better than what we dreamed! We are amazed by how everything is organized in such a beautiful way. We enjoyed every moment we spent with you from the very first day we met till the wedding day. You made this period very enjoyable and stress free for us. We are absolut y happy with all your selections including vendors and designs. They were all great and as we always said "YOU ARE THE BEST". We are very impressed by you and your team and always recommend you to everyone we see.

Talayeh and Kiana S - Century City

We had the best wedding night we could think of thanks to Shideh and her crew. They took care of all the details from the beginning to the end and everything was as we wanted. She made sure we had a stress free and wonderful evening. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to plan a perfect wedding.

Hoory & Ali S -

Our son's wedding was special and more memorable because we were lucky enough to have you as our wedding planner.

Your thoughtfulness and talent are truly appreciated.

Thank you for being so supportive. You will always be part of our fairy tale. You helped to make our dream wedding in to wonderful reality.

Anahita & Farshid N - Los Angeles

We are exceptionally grateful and honored to have you put on an incredible wedding that will be the most special day of our lives. We have received endless compliments on your presentation and work. Without you, our wedding would never have been complete. With your meticulous dedication to detail and uncanny ability to solve any problem, we felt like honored guests rather than the typical nervous bride and groom at our own wedding. All choices were exceptionally unique and well thought out. From the exquisite location, to the scrumptious food choices, and keen organization, everyone was very complimentary. You have been so available, have given us priceless advice, and sincere guidance. Your personal touch and care you exceeded our expectations—in such a way that you treated the bride as if she was your own daughter. Because of your hard work, detailed contribution, and professional standards you have left a lasting imprint that will be a lifetime memory. On behalf of the Nikbakht and Heidari families, we want to directly thank you and the rest of the The Events By Shideh crew. Sincerely yours, Anahita and Dr. Farshid Nikbakht M.D.

Mona & Ben L - Vancouver

Shideh Joon,

Thank you sooooo much for making our wedding day so special!!

We thought it would be difficult to arrange a wedding in California when we live in Vancouver, but you made the process stress-free and easy.

We will always remember every moment of our wedding and how your exceptionally beautiful and calming words touched our hearts!

We consider ourselves blessed to have had the privilege of working with someone who translated our vision with such style, grace and professionalism.

EVERY detail exceeded our expectations and our quests were thoroughly impressed with your talents.

We sincerely thank you for making our wedding dreams come true!

Thank you again!

With Our Love

Mona & Ben L

Neta S - Los Angeles

Dearest Shideh,

I cant being to thank you enough for making the most memorable night in our lives, our wedding night, truely unforgettable and magical! You and your entire staff are one of a kind. The professionalism and care that you provided us from the first time we met up until the very last moment of our wedding night was outstanding. Your superb tast level paired with your relentless need for perfection is very hard to come by, and Shahram and I cant thank you enough for creating a momentous evening for us which we will remember for the rest of our lives. All of our friends and family cant stop raving about our wedding!!! You truly surpassed our expectations. and we are so thankful to have met you and have you in our lives. From the botton of our hearts with gratitude we applaude you and your staff and appreciate all that you have done!!!

Love you!!!
Neta and Shahram Soroudi

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